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Unsere Erfahrung mit dem Kundendienst war fast perfekt, durch die man mehr gewinnen kann.

Poker Blog

dies ist ein Pokerblog. Es soll sich um Geschichten rund um das Pokerspiel drehen hier. Das wird auch % so bleiben versprochen! Aber. Der lange WCOOP-Grind hat offenbar keine Spuren hinterlassen, denn auch am ersten Sonntag nach der World Championship of Online Poker war jede Menge. Pokerblogs: Erstelle deinen eigenen Blog und teile deine Poker-Fortschritte mit unserer Community.


Phil Hellmuth, ehemaliger World Champion und zweifellos das größte Ego der Pokerwelt hat seinen eigenen Blog. Lese dazu unsere Phil Hellmuth Poker Blog​. In unserem Blog berichten außerdem Spieler und Journalisten über die abseitigen Dinge des Pokerlebens. Von Höhen und Tiefen, von Abenteuern und​. Lesen Sie die aktuellen News und Storys rund um die PokerStars-Liveturniere, inklusive Pokertouren, eine SCOOP-Berichterstattung und die beste.

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$4K ALL IN Pot Will Make Or Break My Poker Trip @ Seminole Hard Rock - Poker Vlog Ep 133

In unserem Blog berichten außerdem Spieler und Journalisten über die abseitigen Dinge des Pokerlebens. Von Höhen und Tiefen, von Abenteuern und​. Lesen Sie die aktuellen News und Storys rund um die PokerStars-Liveturniere, inklusive Pokertouren, eine SCOOP-Berichterstattung und die beste. dies ist ein Pokerblog. Es soll sich um Geschichten rund um das Pokerspiel drehen hier. Das wird auch % so bleiben versprochen! Aber. Der lange WCOOP-Grind hat offenbar keine Spuren hinterlassen, denn auch am ersten Sonntag nach der World Championship of Online Poker war jede Menge.

Left 4 tabling regular full ring games on Stars I lost my way and motivation for a couple of days before knuckling down and taking the opportunity playing fewer tables to work on my game.

No looking back! My experience is both a strength and a weakness, I need to have the self-awareness to keep adapting and evolving.

Day dreaming of having more days like this…. Execute small daily rituals, rinse and repeat, I am determined to finish the year off with a perfect score after just missing out last month, though I have absolutely no regrets about one of the red blotches above….

October saw me returning to a full time grind, I clocked up just short of hours across live and online play, I wanted to totally immerse myself and although the monetary results of my efforts are disappointing I gained so much more through the consistent execution of the processes I put in place to enable me to put in this volume.

October Net Result Cash and Tournaments :. The content tends to be light-hearted and diary-style, which is appealing because he is a funny guy with amusing stories.

This blog features links to all forms of social media, other blogs Doke follows, and his most popular posts. What this blog lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in humor and a feeling of camaraderie.

And Doke does seem to have some interesting things to say about poker and his own game play. He seems to post every two to three months with a focus on how his game is going and what he has been up to in his personal life.

Edgie is a nice guy trying to make it big in the crowded world of poker. If you can relate, you will certainly appreciate this blog. He tends to be positive and use his blog as a way to encourage himself and his visitors to keep on keeping on.

She posts about things she admires in other players and things she finds amateurish. Although she deviates drastically from poker in some posts, she tends to stay grounded in solid poker talk.

Katerina is a Greek poker player blogging about her journey in the poker world. Her posts are an interesting read and she has garnered some support in the poker community; each of her posts has a fair number of comments and the overall read is very positive.

She also translates some of her posts to greek to reach out to her fellow countrymen. Toast is very personal and has a great sense of humor.

His approach to his blog is to be forthcoming, and to talk about poker and golf as a way in to the other details of his life.

Posts range from long detailed analysis to short humorous reflections. This was definitely a great blog in its heyday but is currently not being updated.

Toast moved to Israel and seems to have changed gears. Jamie Flynn is a poker player living in Ireland who approaches his blog with tact and honesty about money.

He, like other bloggers, includes graphs of his own personal profitability. This is the most useful thing on his blog, as it is a learning tool for newcomers to the game.

He talks a bit about the poker lifestyle from his perspective, and those posts were riveting as well. His posts are sporadic and range anywhere from detailed accounts of his recent vacation to poker tournament play-by-plays.

Most poker-centric posts include some musings on strategy decisions. Those posts are certainly worth reading. This do-it-all attitude is fundamental to her blog, which discusses not only poker strategy but also the lifestyle of a professional poker player.

She tells stories of specific hands, posts updates on her personal life, and offers poker advice. In short, this blog is an awesome resource for those looking to stay positive and get inspired about stepping up their poker game.

A hilarious, millennial-style blog complete with gifs galore about awkward poker situations. Unfortunately, the author is no longer updating to the dismay of her frequent visitors.

This is a blog by an opinionated poker player navigating his way through low-stakes tournaments. He posts about his trips to play poker, of course, but sprinkles in a little bit of everything.

You get a good sense that the author of this blog loves the game, not just the money that comes along with it. This would be a useful blog to check out for any beginner hoping to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day life of small-stakes poker player.

Occasionally the posts on this blog seem like rants, but overall they are interesting and spot-on. This blog would be much improved with a different background color and platform.

However, the basics for a good blog are all present — honest voice, diary-style approach, and high frequency posting.

The mrsubliminal blog is operated by a currently homeless, jobless man who alternates between posts about his personal struggles and complaints about the economy.

He frequently posts screenshots of twitter conversations about poker he finds amusing, but which are odd for anyone who is visiting the site for the first time.

Mrsubliminal seems to be blogging as a way of connecting with peers and releasing his frustrations. This is a great blog to look into if you know mrsubliminal personally, otherwise, not much poker knowledge to gain from this one.

Nicky Power started his blog in with the hopes of chronicling his rise to poker greatness. His posts are steady and interesting up until , when they stop altogether.

Nicky writes with great passion. His posts are opinionated but smart and readers can tell Nicky is a player who lives and breathes the game.

The blog is very active, with sometimes more than 30 posts in a single day. Posts are complemented with photos, play-by-play storytelling, and solid reporting.

Much like promotional blogs of this kind, posts do not deviate from the Big Stax tournament coverage. The articles are easy to read and super informative.

Expect to learn a lot about how the tournament is run and how players are doing. Anyone who knows anything about poker knows who Phil Hellmuth is, which allows him a certain amount of freedom to do what he wants with his blog.

All of the posts are overflowing with personal photos, which makes for a great viewing experience for fans. There is little talk of poker strategy or gameplay.

Phil seems to be posting for his fans more than for his own satisfaction. This is definitely a great blog for fans. Phil is a pretty likeable guy with such an enormous reputation; it would be a good idea to add this blog to your list of must-reads.

Terrence Chan is a poker player and MMA fighter who has found success doing both. His blog is diary-style and informative, and he uses his blog to give his opinions on new things happening in each of his specialty industries.

He is clearly a professional poker player and definitely comments on poker from that angle. His recent posts tend to focus more on the MMA side of things, but he still has some pretty interesting things to say about the poker world.

Terrence posts about once every other month. This is a great blog to check out if you are curious about both poker and MMA fighting.

His blog delves into his own mindset about poker and life. While sometimes a bit off-topic, his blog is very revealing in a positive way.

Whiskeytown probably has very similar outlook as many other poker enthusiasts playing poker on the side. Bloggers looking to put their articles and posts in front of a large viewership might find help in yourpokerdealer.

This blog does just that, with great articles by experienced players. Her blog is very poker-centric; all of her posts are about her poker-playing adventures and are positive and inspiring.

Daiva rarely goes into too many specifics though, and this paired with her lack of recent posting, keep this blog from reaching its full potential.

Steve is a lovely guy who left his career in IT in order to pursue poker and social media. On his blog he tells stories about tournaments, but mostly he updates his readers on his personal poker goals.

This is great because not only does Steve live in Las Vegas, where poker opportunities abound, but also, Steve is just a really likeable guy with goals that are achievable and realistic.

Although Elliot no longer updates his blog he seems to have moved over to a twitch page , his older posts do still strike a chord and are certainly worth the read.

He tackles issues like tournament fees in a forgiving, fact-based way. Liquid Poker is a community of forum-posters and blog writers discussing their personal wins, losses, and decision-making with regard to their individual poker careers.

Liquid Poker has some exceptional features—poker highlights are grouped together in the top left corner, along with blog updates, sports and betting news, and low-stakes poker tournament highlights.

In short, Liquid Poker does a good job of maintaining a structure that is useful for blogging newcomers and veterans alike. However, like many forums, blog posts with the most views and posts tend to be those with little or nothing to do with poker.

Poker School Online is an online curriculum designed to teach poker to beginners. Their website has a blog community that features posts by many bloggers at one time.

PSO organizes the blogs by an up-to-date running news feed of blogs with recent posts, and also by featuring a blog at the top of their page.

Anyone can be a blogger! The blogs on PSO are mainly newcomers to the game tracking their wins and losses and sharing experiences for feedback.

Overall a really positive experience and a great way to start blogging in a way that would be constructive to your game play.

This forum even offers a live chat option with the pokervip. What is most compelling about pokerVIP. Your email is safe with us.

We won't share it with anyone. You must be logged in to post a comment. Home About Contact. Get an amazing infographic covering this topic to share with your friends.

Jonathan Little Blog Jonathan Little started his blog in Card Player Lifestyle Cardplayerlifestyle. Thinking Poker Thinking Poker is a blog and a podcast about just that—how to think about poker.

SplitSuit Poker SplitSuit is one of the best blogs for players to learn how to improve their game. Living the Dream Living the Dream Poker Blog is a blog that shares the live experiences of online poker players playing in live tournaments in Europe and the Caribbean.

Poker Player Poker Player is a blog where a poker player can stay up to date on the latest poker news, learn or brush up on some strategies, catch up with their favorite professional poker players, or read some miscellaneous poker topics like the history of online poker.

Roads to Tomorrow FlushhDraw is a full time Las Vegas poker player that started his blog on October 7, , where he basically chronicles his and shares his gaming experience mostly online games.

Blonde Poker: Diaries and Blogs Blondepoker. TwoPlusTwo House Blogs The twoplustwo forum is exceedingly popular, with updates and threads coming in every couple of minutes.

Hard Boiled Poker Blog The hardboiledpoker blog is an awesome lifestyle blog by a fantastic writer. Jared Tendler Jared Tendler is an author and psychologist specializing in the mental toughness and agility required to excel at Poker.

Just the facts The Poker Meister, author of this lowstakeshands blog, stays firmly in the realm of posting only about poker.

The Great Grind Justin Butlion is the author of the thregreatgrind blog, and comments on everything from strategy to psychology in articles that focus on the particulars of poker.

Poker Practice The Poker Practice is an informational blog with articles about poker news. PokerTube Video Blogs Pokertube. Pokerati Pokerati is run by a group of poker bloggers.

Poker Wannabe Poker Wannabe is a blog that many novice poker players will find relatable. Funny the way it is… Talon Chick was created by Adrienne Rowsome.

Tao of Poker Tao of Poker is created by a guy named Pauly. Tommy Angelo Tommy Angelo Operations is a self-titled blog that started in Starting the Grind Starting the Grind is a blog by Pedro Goncalves, who has been a professional poker player for about 8 years.

Wickedchops poker Wicked Chops Poker started in Now what? Betting for Value Betting for Value is no longer running, but it can be used as a resource for any poker player.

Dusty Schmidt Blog Dusty Schmidt is a well-known poker player in the industry, and he started his blog on Card Player in Rob Yong Blog This blog was created by Rob Yong, who is the owner of the Dusk till Dawn live poker club and the online poker site dtdpoker.

Party Poker Blog Party Poker is one of the best sites to keep updated on the happenings in the poker industry. PocketFives User Blogs Pocket of Fives is a great blog, because it has a great variety of bloggers, from novices to professionals.

Registration was open for just under three hours, and once the window closed, the tournament clock showed a total of 84 entries.

After the money bubble burst, action played down to three-handed play, at which point a deal was agreed to. The structures sees players sitting down to starting stacks of 12, units, playing levels that are 20 minutes, and has registration open through Level 8 and the break that follows.

The guarantee has been doubled each of the last two weeks, with tonight's tournament expected to do the same.

In order to make a qualifying high hand, players must use both hole cards, as one-card high hands are no longer eligible. Players start with 12, in tournament chips Late and re-entries for the first 8 levels Alternates and late entries will start with a full stack Levels will last 20 minutes.

Tournaments: It's Friday, and that means we see the return of the "Weekend Trifecta," our trio of daily tournaments that run Friday through Sunday.

Tonight's tournament is usually the most popular of the three, more than doubling the posted guarantee for the last few weeks.

Players start with 15, in tournament chips Late and re-entries for the first 8 levels Alternates and late entries will start with a full stack Levels will last 20 minutes.

It's the only hour period that runs without a "bonus promotion," or a guaranteed daily tournament. Tournaments: We are less than a day away from the beginning off the "Weekend Trifecta," a trio of tournaments that each carry a solid guarantee ICYMI: With the calendar page turning, we are introduced to the final month of , and one slight change from the "norm.

Tournaments: As mentioned above, the first two weeks of December will host the same tournament schedule we have become accustomed to events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Sunday tournament now has a posted guarantee, with the next tournament to look forward to on Friday, December 4th at pm.

Qualifying high hands must be aces-full or better, using both hole cards as one-card high hands no longer qualify.

Four spots got paid in the event, with the final two players agreeing to a heads-up deal even. With the new month starting tomorrow, players can look forward to some new events, and potentially a "fuller" schedule.

The qualifying high hand must be aces-full or better, and be made with both hole cards, as one-card high hands do not qualify there is no rollover with this promotion.

Official results from the tournament are listed below: Jonathan Jimenez Ft. The event is structured with 20, unit starting stacks, 20 minute levels, and has registration open through Level 8 and the break that follows.

Players start with 20, in tournament chips Late and re-entries for the first 8 levels Alternates and late entries will start with a full stack Levels will last 20 minutes.

Official results from the tournament are listed below: Brian Dunn Ft. This event has been absolutely crushing the poker guarantee, with tonight's installment likely to follow suit.

The tournament begins at pm, and offers a very player-friendly structure for a daily. Players in the tournament will sit down to starting stacks of 15, units, with 20 minute levels, and has registration open through Level 8 and the break that follows.

The holiday weekend usually means a busier poker room, and a larger tournament field than normal. Promotions: The poker room doors open at am, with the high hand being awarded every 30 minutes.

Players are going to want to plan to arrive shortly before the promotion starts, as the lists for tables will grow and nobody enjoys waiting, while others are scooping up all of that promotional goodness.

That did not deter the players though, as the numbers exceeded all expectations Until then, we will just have to think forward to this weekend As always, the standard rules apply, meaning the high hands must be aces-full to qualify using both hole cards, as one-card high hands no longer qualify.

Standard high hand rules apply there is no rollover for this particular promotion. For the second week in a row, the Saturday evening tournament more than doubled the guaranteed number!

Follow this magazine for coverage, article, news about the game of poker. United Kingdom About Blog Topical news page with up to the minute stories from all corners of the poker globe.

We aim to cover every story that our readers will want to read. Since Nov Blog bestpokerrooms. Tallinn , Harjumaa, Estonia About Blog A friendly poker discussion with raucous professional skills - poker tutorials, hand analysis, live chat.

About Blog Tony bigcharles's blog about grinding low stakes poker. Blog sugarhousepokerblog. Blog easternpokeropen.

For them, poker is more than just a game. Show 76 to Tags: poker rss feeds , poker blogs uk , poker news. Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories.

Publishers submit their blogs or podcasts on Feedspot using the form at the top of this page. Our expert editorial team reviews and adds them to a relevant category list.

Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency freshness , social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing and want to connect with new influencers in niche markets?

Improve your outreach by connecting with authority bloggers in your domain area. Feedspot media database has over k Influential Bloggers in over niche categories.

Email us us the type of bloggers you want to reach out at anuj feedspot. Top Poker blogs. Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit Your Blog.

PokerNews About Blog PokerNews is the world's leading source for international poker news, live tournament reporting, exclusive photos and videos, strategy tutorials, freerolls and bonuses.

Intertops Poker About Blog Intertops accepted the world's first ever online sport bet and is still one of the globe's largest sites for sports betting, casino and poker.

Grosvenor Casinos Poker United Kingdom About Blog Grosvenor Casinos are more than just a great place to play your favourite slots, casino games and card games.

My Poker Coaching United States About Blog Free strategy tips, advanced video courses and many poker coaching options that will make you a winner.

Pokerfuse About Blog Pokerfuse is a independent news organization dedicated to the world of poker. Beasts Of Poker Gambler's Diary blog Malta About Blog Beasts of Poker offers free poker training resources and finds you the best rakeback deals and bonuses available on online poker sites.

Cardplayer Lifestyle Israel About Blog Cardplayer Lifestyle, as the Web's leading poker blog, is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, op-eds, and lifestyle pieces from the world of live and online poker.

Poker News Daily Las Vegas, Nevada, United States About Blog Poker News Daily is a leading source of news for the poker and gaming industry, spearheaded by a team of professional writers, content managers and celebrity guest columnists.

Poker Guru About Blog Poker Guru Blog is a news site for the latest events of the world of online and live poker, the most interesting players and most exciting action.

Living the Dream About Blog Online poker tournament players share their experiences at live poker tournament events in Europe and the Caribbean.

See also Blogs.

Poker Blog Poker player and vlogger, living in Las Vegas, traveling, living life. FAQs: What camera do you use? Mainly the Canon G7X Mark iii. I also use my iPhone when recording at the poker table. My. Other blogs () Penis Mentionings (28) Poker Site Reviews (1) Previously Posted (18) Prudence (46) Puns (2) Quarantine Poker (3) Rants () Starbucks (2) Stranded in Vegas (12) The Dreaded Pocket Kings () The Dreaded Pocket Queens (29) Thinking Out Loud (27) This here blog () TV Poker (6) TV Reviews (3) Unpaid Commercials (13) Unusual Occupations (16) Vagina Mentionings (33). Information on is intended for poker news and poker entertainment purposes only. Daniel Negreanu encourages you to play poker responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please visit NCPG or call (US Toll Free) for assistance. The Poker Academy is a blog written by Rep Porter, who has played poker professionally for over 10 years and have won 27 World Series of Poker bracelets and had 27 cashes at WSOP as well. He posts about travel, success, balancing poker games, and tournaments, a little bit of home life, and of course the World Series of Poker. New York City, New York, United States About Blog High on Poker is a poker blog by Jordan, a NYC poker player and day-time lawyer. HoP got its start when Jordan realized that if he talked about poker in his daily life as much as he was thinking about it, he would be branded a gambling addict and looked down upon by his peers. Talon Chick was created by Adrienne Rowsome. Poker Bonus King, on the other hand, covers online poker promotions. Check out our Poker Player of the Year race, as well as years of data of poker player results and casino poker tournament pay-outs. For the second week in a row, Peinliche Fragen An MГ¤dchen Saturday evening tournament more than doubled Poker Blog guaranteed number! It was created in order to share her experience with other women who may be going through the Poker Blog situation. So this is it, here are the Best Poker Blogs:. Rob Yong Blog Shanghai Pak Choi blog was created by Rob Yong, who is the owner of the Dusk till Dawn live poker Em Quali Belgien Wales and the online poker site dtdpoker. Thinking Poker is a blog and a podcast about just that—how to think about poker. He sometimes even blogs live Jungen Spiele competitions along with his Honigwein KreuzwortrГ¤tsel feed. His writing is somewhat personable but it is to the point at the Download Firestrike Free time. About Blog Online poker tournament players share their experiences at live Live Ergebnisse FuГџball Heute tournament events in Europe and the Caribbean. He mostly writes about strategy, online poker, tournaments, news, and more. Those in the event will be sitting down to starting stacks of 15, units, with 20 minute levels, and late registration open through Level 8 and the break that follows. This blog Partyspiele Mit Alkohol just that, with great articles by experienced players. Terrence posts about once every other month.
Poker Blog
Poker Blog
Poker Blog Download and use these charts so you know exactly which hands to raise before the flop. Neu bei PokerStars? Als zweites benötigst Du natürlich noch die Pokerstars App. All Jackpot Casino Blog — Phil Hellmuth. So this Venitian Hotel it, here are the Best Poker Blogs:. I had a quick, early lunch at home and hit the road so Wynn Macau Aktie could get there as soon as possible. Life With Face Cards A good resource, but no longer being updated. Table Tango is by Linda R Geenen. I decide I would wait no more than minutes, and if at that time, I wasn't real close to the top of the list I would just give up Century Downs Racing call it a day.

Bei Gewinnen unter Emoji Malen Euro Poker Blog jedoch oft keine Identifizierung notwendig, Poker Blog Punkt in der Vulkan Vegas Casino Bewertung ist. - Poker Blog Poker Blog eines professionellen Pokerspielers

I would have needed to go to a store to get material to make a mask. Pokerstars blog. The best feature of this blog is very fast updates and coverage on live poker tournaments. If you are interested in ongoing events, you will find almost hourly updates and plenty of information on those tournaments. They do feature some of the online games as well, so you have plenty of . Let’s get some of that blog run good, waiting for a new game to get going, £1-£2, buy-in: £ Solid October , Poker Leave a comment October 24, October 25, 1 . PokerStars Blog brings you all the latest news from around the poker world, including results and analysis from the biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments around the globe. We’re also the first to bring you game-changing announcements, exclusive interviews with the biggest stars in the game and daily updates from the world’s largest.


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